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Cash on Delivery Available Nationwide
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NOFOG Anti Fog Wipes

NOFOG Anti Fog Wipes

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Say goodbye to foggy vision with NOFOG Anti Fog Wipes. It works with all litshield products.



1. Clean your litshield with soap and water and let it dry.

2. Wipe the inner glass with NOFOG Anti Fog wipes and let it dry for 3-5mins  

3. Return the NOFOG Anti Fog wipes to its original packaging and keep it sealed. 

4. Reapply NOFOG Anti Fog wipes every time you clean your litshield. 

You can reuse NOFOG multiple times as long as you keep it sealed in its original packaging so that it won't dry up.


1. Avoid contact with your eyes or face.

2. Do not swallow.

3. Wash your hands after using.